Sunday, February 4th was the first open house day in CEERRF.

This moment is the perfect opportunity for new and perhaps future CEERRF students to meet, to discover premises as well as to meet with the CEERRF team.

Margaux, a third year student, shares her feelings.

“This weekend was the first open house of the year.

along with some members of the student union and 2 other friends, the future students came to inquire about our institute.

Many high school students, worried about having the best strategy to integrate a school at the end of their first year of university, but also students from various backgrounds, PACES, STAPS and bio, came to meet us in order to take the most enlightened decisions regarding the institute the would join consequently to their respective examinations.

followed some exchanges around the training, the curriculum, internships, and the day to day at the school and finally, a visit of the premises.

The main questions were:

– What are the schedules? Most of the time From 8.30am to 6pm, with personal working time during this time slot, from Monday to Friday.

– How is the curriculum? In two two-years cycles, each year corresponds to one academic year, and thus once 60 ECTS have been reached, you can pass from the first to the second year having validated 52 ECTS / 60 but must have twice 60 ECTS for the following cycle. It is the same for the second cycle.

How to find your internship ? Different possibilities, in the provinces, or in a liberal cabinet in the Paris area, the student must search for himself, but he can also get some assistance through a list of practitioners provided by the school, on request. In a salaried environment (hospital, rehabilitation center, etc.) in the Paris area, the student will have the choice following a draw among a list of predefined internship sites.

Future students have been reassured and optimally advised to make their choice when the time comes. Looking forward to seeing them in our IFMK in the years to come. ”