Evidence Based Practice in Rehabilitation

Adrien Pallot is our Referent Work Methods and Research Methods in Biomedical Sciences. From his teaching experiences, he has just published a book on Evidence Based Practice in Rehabilitation.

The objectives of this book are to disseminate to the greatest number, as much the approach, the principles and the concepts, as the means. The progression is meant to be didactic and accessible to all. Also the target audience is made from both students and graduates.

The construction of chapters is progressive and allows everyone to progress at their own pace. The practical side allows to make concrete and applicable the explanations even being Boeotian.

The genesis of this book is related to the courses given by Adrien Pallot at the CEERRF and is fed by experiences and teachings of all the authors.

It should be noted that 3 other co-authors are trainers within our IFMK.

2 CEERRF students took part in proofreading, which allowed us to have a critical look at this demanding audience …

The summary of the book is as follows:

“The recent reform of physiotherapy studies has placed Evidence Based Practice (EBP) at the center of its concerns. It is based on research data on the experience and skills of the therapist and on the bio-psycho-social state of patients’ individual values ​​and expectations. The integration into the daily practice of these three pillars constitutes a powerful new orientation given to the training of future professionals of rehabilitation orientation in line with the evolution of the health professions towards a reasoned and justified practice.

This first book on the subject in French offers a complete support on the practical factual approach in rehabilitation: concepts and reasoning tools necessary. It gives at the same time the essential theoretical bases and the practical knowledge to master. An entire chapter is dedicated to the use of EBP with examples of concrete clinical cases (therapeutic diagnostic case studies …). ”