On May 22nd took place the “Day Escape” at the Stade de France organized by the “Premiers de Cordée” association.

The latter offers free, throughout the year, sports introductions for hospitalized children. Once a year during the Escape Day and as part of the “Sport in the Hospital” program, the association offers
to children in hospitals, clinics, medico-educational institutes and other associations and their families, an entire day of sports events, meetings and discoveries. The objective is to allow children to escape, to change their mind, to make some exercise and mainly to leave their medico-social structures.

This year and for the first time the CEERRF was present at the event. Thus, almost forty sophomores were able to participate. We had four workshops where children could have fun together and discover new activities.

We proposed a construction activity with colorful foams where children could participate regardless of age, disability or pathology! Always using these foams, we had made an obstacles course that the children had to realize as a team, thus multiplying their craze. In addition we couldn’t help to take part of it, to balance the teams and for our greatest pleasure and theirs.

The other 2 activities were quieter and more focused on physiotherapy with a stretching session on carpets using Klein balloons as well as a seated massage workshop. The latter also pleased carers and parents who did not refuse a moment of relaxation while we take care of children on other workshops.

During this day, placed under the sign of children’s good mood – as well as the students – were able to have fun and meet new people. Indeed, it has allowed us to develop our ability to adapt and rub shoulders with children suffering from multiple pathologies that we will have to meet during our future practice.