Handling sports and studies, Nancy, a K4 student is on her way to the French Elite Championship of French boxing.

French Boxing Savate is a discipline that combines feet and fists percussion techniques with a very specific codification. It is divided into two major forms, assault and combat.

Assault is a form of “touch”match  where power is excluded. The combat, uses the same techniques but the power of shots is authorized, potentially leading to knock-outs.

There is no professional level in this discipline, but the Elite category corresponds to the top level.

The Elite French Combat Championship will take place on 16th and 17th of February 2019 in Marseille. But, the preparation started last summer.

The first step was the general physical preparation to work mainly on the endurance and strength sectors. This phase is commonly called in boxing gyms, “scrubbing”.

The first semester, which was very busy in terms of class hours at the institute, was therefore coupled with on-site sessions, thanks to Mr Anelli, without whom training would not have been possible.

Lunch breaks were spent in time dedicated to muscle building, explosive work, speed work and PMA (maximum aerobic power). All the exercises were oriented on my feet fists sport.

The training program was concocted by Flavien Albe, physical trainer, coach and former boxing champion. Colleagues from the institute sometimes joined me to do these training sessions, which made the exercise more user-friendly.

After this second stage of preparation and until the first competitive deadline, I was on specific competition preparation.

The training sessions took place on one hand on an athletics track to continue the work on speed, and on the other hand, the other sessions were held either in the boxing hall, or at the Appollo Sporting club with coaches and world champions, Flavien Albe and Amri Madani. There, the work was organized around different domains:

– Technico-tactical lessons with bear paws to refine automatisms and combat strategies.

– Gloves with different partners to vary the types of oppositions.

– Mental preparation work with imagery

as well as sessions at Dampmart BF for training sessions such as:

– Technico-tactical lessons in the form of specific themes

– Fractional work over 9 or 15 minutes, for twenty seconds of work and twenty seconds of rest (or in 15/15) during which we keep the punching bag while his training partner works in turn Ces sessions are intense and representative of the physical condition necessary for the fight, we speak of “avoir la caisse !”.

– sparing partner in a situation close to those of the competition. That is to say, rounds of three times two minutes of work with a minute of rest, between each time, this to prepare for the qualifying tournament in which I will box four times in two days.

In the event of qualification for the following phases of the championship, the following fights will take place on rounds of five times two minutes of work with always a minute of rest between rounds.

The preparation will be different, the strategy will take the advantage over the speed. The work of power and undermining will be more fruitful with the lengthening of the number of rounds.

To be continued…