As director of the CEERRF and on behalf of the entire pedagogical and administrative teams, I send my best wishes especially to all the people who make the CEERRF live: first of all, our students, our Academic referents, but also trainers and our valuable internship partners because, according to Stévenin, “apprenticeship is justified by the fact that it empowers students to acquire what can’t be learned at school and yet constitutes an essential skill: real work experience”.

We are now working on an operating model based on the reengineering of the 2015 studies. We are in line with regulations valuating more the reflexive approach and writing, especially in the last year, as a tool for “professional emancipation” (J. Signeyrole). Many students already like to be able to enter into areas that have been previously “reduced” by administrative constraints (manual therapies, research, human sciences, etc.).

This coming 2018 school year will be dedicated to continuing the professionalization of future young graduates who, I am sure, are even better equipped to face the current professional challenges: recognition, defense of the profession, particularly by promoting our therapeutic effectiveness, fight against dogmatism, sense of ethics …

At CEERRF, we are all part of this challenge and our team is regularly reinforced by passionate and competent trainers in order to create conditions favoring “the emergence of new possibilities.” (Genthon)

Thus, we are aware of the task to be accomplished and we will strive in 2018 to continue the implementation of the plan because as Plisson wrote, “it is very likely that basic training durably induces and conditions the practice”.

“The right professional today is not so much the one who has the right answers to the practice issues, but the one that stands and asks his coworkers the good questions. Theory allows this questioning “(Donnadieu and al).

Happy New Year everyone!