David Cherubin, referent trainer at CEERRF, participated in a congress in Colombia and shares his experience.

“From 13 to 17/08/18, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Santander university, the city of Bucaramanga hosted an international physiotherapy symposium on the theme of pediatrics.
Dr. Philippe Wicart, orthopedic surgeon at the Necker PU-PH Hospital, president of the ARKOPE association, Dr. Marie-Agnès Jeune pediatrician, David Cherubin Physiotherapist, assistant secretary of the ARKOPE association, lecturer at the CEERRF training institute, Ivan Hernandez pediatric physiotherapist, member of ARKOPE, gave presentations on the latest developments in orthopedics and pediatrics, “French Method”, as well as presentations on child development and autism.

Pathologies with types of foot malpositions, equine varus feet, convex feet, Z feet, and their rehabilitation were described.
Surgical procedures have been reported, research in pediatric orthopedics put forward.
The ARKOPE association bringing together pediatric orthopedists, pediatricians, specialized physiotherapists, patients was presented, including its multidisciplinary operation, recent developments, projects, achievements (more than 1000 appointments …).
Dr. Jeune presented examples of early detection of childhood psychomotor development disorders. The detection as well as the treatment of autism according to the latest international recommendations have been exposed.

The importance of care by trained masseurs-physiotherapists was highlighted, as well as the cooperation of professionals around patients and families.

The many exchanges allowed to share and to enrich the visions of everyone on these themes. The symposium ended with the proposal of the French representatives to continue the exchanges by welcoming their Colombian colleagues in Paris in the future. ”

These exchanges help to develop knowledge and provide our students with expertise that they can put back to the service of patients.