CEERRF remains mobilized

During this period of uncertainty, our IFMK remains mobilized both in terms of training and in terms of care.

Indeed, many of our students participate in patient care on a voluntary basis or as part of their CFA . Choosing the profession of healthcare professional implies that it is necessary to remain available to our patients and allow them the most complete recovery possible. We would like to congratulate them and take this opportunity to remind them that all of these implications will be valued in one way or another during their training.

Many of our trainers are directly involved in caring for Covid patients, whether in hospitals or the private sector, and we thank them because we know they bring the same selflessness to patients as they do during their lessons.


Educational continuity must nevertheless remain one of our priorities.

We then have set up a course and evaluation system in videoconference, to allow them to better validate their year. As soon as possible, we will make up for the practical lessons that could not be completed, always respecting the rules of health and safety for all.

We are well aware that this period is complicated for our students, but we have no doubts about their investment and that they will remain mobilized both in their training and in the City.

Personally, I would like to thank CEERRF, which actively supported the caregiver support project The Bubble of Paris Saint Joseph Hospital that I helped to put in place for the benefit of all those who constantly work to care for our relatives and friends. Physiotherapy takes an active part, we can treat these caregivers and enhance our know-how and interpersonal skills.

Be well, pay attention to yourself and your beloved ones and stay mobilized by investing in concrete actions for our patients and for your studies.