In our training we are committed to allowing students to open up to the city and confront their knowledge to ground reality …

Hence, Many students have participated in sporting events in recent months.

After les Virades de l’espoir, Diego, a second year student, shares his experience from the Paris Versailles race.

“Sunday, September 24, 2017 I went to Versailles with 11 other students from CEERRF to give runners who have completed their efforts, massages to relax, decongestant or circulatory massage of the lower limbs. Since my return to K2, my choice to participate in this event is justified by two reasons.

The first one is a personal one, having not practiced since our last internship in K1, I wanted to get these sensations back as soon as possible in K2. I wanted to recover, through this event, my anatomical knowledge of the lower limb, continue my continuous learning of massage therapy and start to perform some lifted tensions.

The second one was motivated by the fact that 7 freshmen were attending this event and that I would be part of the students who were going to supervise them for the first time. I was “in charge” of two K1 and I had to adapt my speech so that it was intelligible and sufficiently clear. I felt it was important for them to have an overall view of the anatomy of the lower limb as well as an interest in massage therapy after such an effort. I urged two students to ask important questions to patients before they even started to practice and watch them walk before they lay down on the massage table so they could work out quickly a first assessment of their patients so that they can organize their massage.

I found this event very interesting since I think I achieved the two objectives of my participation, I have also made a first contact with some K1, I think this is the best way to integrate them and make them feel at home in the institute.”

Diego K2