Tutoring explained by Juliette, tutoring coordinator.

“This year, there are no less than 97 2nd, 3rd and final year students who voluntarily chose to be part of this great team to become” tutors “.

The tutoring meets the ambition of a knowledge sharing profitable to both tutored and tutor. If the tutor listens, evaluates, advises and brings his knowledge, he remains a student in learning and does not set himself up as the holder of the Truth.

On the contrary, together, tutored and tutor discuss knowledge and their implementation, including practical work. They make them evolve and can be led (and on both sides!) to question them.

This approach requires good communication and allows us to work on our relationship which remains a core competence in our future business for communication to our patients, their entourage, other health professionals, our peers, etc. This way to proceed is part of a desire to vary the modes of learning and to grasp all the quintessence of the information initially transmitted by the teachers of the school, going from a rather behaviorist model in progress to socio-constructivist between students during tutoring.

The forms that tutorials take are many and are most often intended to help first-year students : practice training but also orals, … They take place within the school and frequently on Saturdays to allow all promotions  to be available (as well as a maximum number of rooms). Their organization is of course in close collaboration with school officials who agree to commute on weekends and allow students to enjoy the infrastructure.

For the first tutoring that took place in the school on Saturday,  September 29th, about 80 students were able to work together on the first techniques seen at the institute by the first year students. The second will take place on October 20th and once again we expect a large number of motivated students to learn and share”.