Covid-19 screening campaign

Screening in schools is one of the government’s priorities in the fight against Covid-19. We have been asked by our supervisory authorities to join this collective effort within the framework of the health service.

62 sophomores stood up to reinforce health services and each of them carried out 3 screening days.

Jade and Thaïs, our 2 class representatives, share their experience on behalf of all students.

“The screening campaign was for us, sophomores in physiotherapy, an opportunity to contribute to the fight against Covid-19. We were able, after a training, to carry out antigenic tests on students ranging from middle to high school, but also on administrative staff of these same schools. We were able to perform these acts in a screening process, but also in prevention and awareness among a young population. The contact, the organization, as well as the actual practice of technical gestures allowed us to perceive the complexity of these campaigns. Within a multidisciplinary team (we students in physiotherapy, nurses, doctors, school director …) were able to collaborate while learning from different professionals and discussing together. These campaigns have empowered us to increase the scope of our skills by collaborating with many professionals. ”

The feedback on their professionalism was overwhelming, both in terms of behavior and technique.

We would also like to congratulate and thank them for their investment, with a special mention for the 2 representatives who have been exemplary in their role since the beginning of the year.