Breast cancer can affect one in eight women and to advance science, we need to talk about it and raise funds.

Pink October allows this double task. And in this context, many events are organized. Anne-Claire, participated in a race where she finished 13th in women, she tells us about her race.

“Breast cancer is the most common cancer of women’s cancers. Breast cancer affects 54,062 new people each year, and 11,900 annual deaths.” It can happen to you and it can happen to me anytime, and I know that if it were, I’d like us to do something for me. Small streams make the big rivers, and even if a small gesture can appear insignificant, this is how we can change the world.

So, I decided to give a little bit of me to support the campaign Pink October, and to combine the useful with the pleasant (yes yes, I like to run ?!). The principle is simple, we must run, and all or part of the amount collected for registration to a race that supports the campaign is paid directly to the fight against breast cancer.

And there, you think: “it’s good, you run, but we can not / it’s not our thing at all! “. But here, October Rose has planned everything: the vast majority of races organized under this name provides a hikers’ route. No competition, just the pleasure of fighting together and walking as one man against breast cancer.

Of course, a small bonus: it is very common (even constant) to find on these events booths offering purchases of bracelets, flowers, goodies, so the profits will also be donated to the fight against breast cancer.

To your sneakers!

* Source : “The cancer situation in France in 2015″ – INCa April 2016 ”