A new year begins …

I can only wish every and each of you the best, given the continuing health crisis.

However, it seems to me that the CEERRF, including of its supervisory team but also of the students, has been able to face the situation developing undeniable aptitudes of adaptation.

Many positive events took place :

  • First of all, after session 2, we obtained 100% success in the State Diploma and I again congratulate the entire class of 2016/2020.
  • Despite a prompt closure of the structure in March, the courses were held almost entirely by videoconference (and the missing courses were carried over to this year). I would like to thank my colleague Stéphane Evelinger, the referents, the administrative team, the trainers and the students for joining.
  • The program was respected and the students validated the tests in a regulatory manner. The repetition rate was particularly low and I congratulate them on that.
  • The internships were most often maintained and still are, despite sometimes difficult conditions. Well done and thank you to our fellow tutors!
  • We have discovered the value of remote learning courses which, I am sure, allow the vast majority of students to limit travel fatigue while maintaining good pedagogical quality. This system will be perpetuated in the future with “tact and measure”.

Not everything is hunky-dory, I then keep in mind that confinement creates mental load and we try to take this into account by increasing the possibilities for individual meetings and by organizing psychological support sessions. We will try to be even more vigilant in the months to come until there is a significant improvement in sanitary conditions. We are and will always be reachable for these specific needs.

The State Diploma of our 2021 students will not be a discounted one either, and they can be proud of obtaining it under these circumstances.

Happy new year 2021 to all and take care of yourself and your beloved ones