Bacchantes race 2018

Leaving the walls of the institute and get involved in the City is one of the objectives of our institute. therefor our students participate very regularly in professional or sports demonstrations. Héloïse, a K2 student, shares her experience from 2018 Bacchantes race.

“Running for a good cause. Here is a postulate that has been spreading in France and around the world in recent years. Indeed, more and more sporting events aim to raise funds to fight against an illness, to fund associations, to sensitize the general public or to highlight little known pathologies. These include the Odyssea race for the fight against breast cancer, the race for lights at the Curie Institute and the Bacchantes race.

It is to the latter that CEERRF students went on November 25, 2018 to offer recovery assistance at the end of the race. The Bacchantes is a race organized since 2012 and whose purpose is to raise funds for the benefit of research against prostate cancer. It is an 8km race organized throughout France and whose slogan is “not serious races for a serious race”. During the morning, we were therefore surrounded by a lot of conviviality, motivation, laughter and especially a lot of mustache, the dress-code being the wearing of the mustache that is true, false or even colored !

The purpose of our presence was to help the runners recover at the end of this race. We were therefore divided into pairs, each pair having a massage table, massage creams and gel to wash hands and disinfect the tables between each runner, and we welcomed the runners as and when their arrivals. When the runners arrived, we asked them if they had pain in a specific place, if they wanted us to massage a specific area … After having their answers we started to massage them using the different techniques learned at the school especially those aimed at decontracturing. We also offered them stretches and I was able to apply new methods that we could see at school this year, including blood pressure, to certain muscle groups particularly used during the race as the quadriceps, the ischios leggings or triceps sural.

One of the things that I found particularly interesting during this morning was the fact that some participants were not regular runners and therefore had various and varied questions including the recovery. We were able to give them advice to reduce pain, prevent potential injuries or show them self-stretching techniques. Excluding this aspect of education and prevention, empowering patients is something we learn at school and which is increasingly important to being able to provide comprehensive and reassuring care for patients, so it was a very interesting and rewarding experience to put it in place during this race.

I thank Chloé Inigo, Solidarity VP of the Student Union, for taking care of the organization and for allowing 18 CEERRF students to participate in this event. ”