Another reward for CEERRF alumni

Juliette Masquin received the second prize for best memory in the field of pelvi-perineology. Her dissertation now serves as reference on “Urinary incontinence in patients with obstructive pulmonary diseases, rehabilitative perspectives for the future”. An analysis often evaluated by therapists, but which has a significant impact on the quality of life of our patients. This is an increasingly studied area of rehabilitation in the scientific literature and for which many recommendations exist.

This prize has been awarded by the SIREPP (Société Internationale de Rééducation En Pelvi-Périnéologie – International Society of Pelvic Perineum Rehabilitation), a scholarly society very active in this field.

This prize rewards a brilliant work and an exemplary schooling. It also highlights the work done by our students and their investment in training. This price comes to our institute after the two prizes awarded to Antoine and Anaïs by URPS of Paris.

In the same vein, we also have Bryan’s work which is in the process of being published in “Kinésitherapie – la revue”.

All these prizes and publications allow us to highlight the work done by our students, but also their tutors’. Of course, all of this work could never have happened without our stage partners, these colleagues bringing cutting edge Practice professionalisation to our students and make it possible to create vocations in the the whole branch.

All these investments help our profession move towards ever greater recognition and autonomy.

We hope to have the opportunity to share with you more news, still related to the valorization of ou students’ work.