As part of the preparation for a third-year test, second-year students (MK2) are responsible for facilitating technology review sessions for first-year students (MK1) in small groups: each MK2 student coaches a pair of MK1 and is responsible for reviewing them on topics defined by the IFMK in connection with the upcoming practical tests in MK1. A trainer supervises these sessions by positioning himself as a true « passer » (Bonniol) attentive to the requests of the various participants.

The main objective is to stimulate their capacity to develop an “active pedagogy” between peers, using the same communication channels in particular. The trainer is “guarantor” of the level of knowledge. Different strategies emerge for the MK2: some prefer the answers to the questions, others have prepared “upstream” thematic lists that they wish to see treated, with sometimes high levels of requirement. “Pedagogical” debates are often intense and potentially at the origin of an optimization of the appropriation of knowledge. The emotional component is also taken into account through exchanges on the different types of test and thanks to the “work of appeasement” set up on a “neosocioconstructivist” model (Gatto).

The introduction of this type of plan, built into the respective EU, also allows us to identify profiles of trainers “to become”. Thus, in a totally empirical way, it seems to us that more and more students in training already want to enroll in their career path a teaching activity. They are, for us, potential candidates for future enrichment training teams, if they wish of course.

Finally, this type of activity is perfectly in line with the new definition of the profession insisting on the role of “trainer”, communicator “and” educator “of the practitioner of tomorrow.

A big thank you to our students for their investment.