Just like every year, we perform in the institute the Certificate of training in gestures and emergency care level 2 or AGFSU 2. This level 2 is intended for “those entitled to follow a training course for one of the registered health professions in the fourth part of the public health code or to a training for professions for which the regulation plans the obligation to have at the end of the course the level 2 certificate. Or any person having a title or diploma authorizing the exercise of any of those professions”

This regulatory training must allow students to acquire the right habits to assist a person in difficulty.

The focus is on caregiver protection first and then patient. Indeed a “wounded or dead rescuer is useless” as recalled by Richard, one of the trainers.

This training takes place over 3 days and leaves a large part to the practice, the only way to acquire good and appropriate gestures.

For several years now, we’ve uses external resources to the institute, which allows to bring in an experienced team with staff practicing at the SAMU, ensuring a high level of expertise and bring a necessary terrain reality.

Practices are based mainly on scenarios allowing a greater immersion. Health simulation can develop skills without putting in danger either therapists or patients. It is not necessary to use so-called “high fidelity” models. Staging by this type of direction allows this immersion.

The students appreciated the quality of the training and the immediate practical side, but also the skills of the trainers and their professionalism.