On June 5th, we organized a special day in the institute, focused on “addressing handicap”. These special days have started more than 6 years ago, initiated by Mrs Guay and Dr Thévenin, and are an important milestone in our students’ education.

During this day, students had the possibility to share with handicapped people and professionals involved in the Disabled sport world.

These exchanges are aimed at changing the vision of future professionals towards handicap and make them understand that beyond the physical side, there is an even more important psychological side. The interaction between these two “worlds” builds understanding of the other and, as we wish, will enable the development of forward-looking partnerships.

After the theoretical discovery, the confirmed athletes, initiated our students to the disabled sport. They were able to try sports like basketball, boccia or torball. They were able to understand all the technicality of wheelchair basketball and the concentration necessary for the practice of torball, where the absence of visual cues modifies the perception of space.

The students were also able to understand all the difficulties faced by people in wheelchairs by a route full of obstacles.

In the end, K2 students were able to realize that champions of Disabled sport are real, high level athletes with all the sacrifices implied.

We would like to thank François Chevet for his availability and the quality of the exchanges he has generated. The reading of his book titled ” take care ” by Don Quichotte editions was strongly recommended to students and 3 copies are available in our library.

We also thank the athletes Mr Mimouni, Mr Benredouane and Mr Koti Bingo for their practical exchanges and the transmission made. Without them and without the participation of Comité régional d’ile de France handisport this day would not have been possible.

Of course, we especially thank Elsa, a former student at our institute who coordinated this very constructive day.