A special start of the school year

CEERRF is preparing to welcome a new promotion.

However, the current health context requires us to put in place reinforced health measures to ensure the safety of students as well as trainers.

We have increased the presence of distributors of hydroalcoholic solutions by making them available at the entrance of buildings, cafeteria and library. Most of these distributors had already been present in the practice rooms for several years following a request from students formulated during the Section Relative to Student Life (SRVE).

A special start of the school year in Practical Work
A special start of the school year

Wearing a mask will be compulsory throughout the IFMK, both in lecture and in practical work. An endowment will be provided by CEERRF to all students. A poster will remind all of the instructions and barrier gestures to adopt.

In accordance with the authorities recommendations, in the library as well as in the cafeteria, every second seat will be condemned. Therefore, students will have to adopt a strict and responsible discipline, which is why we have reorganized the lunch breaks in the cafeteria in the form of rotation. However, we have no doubt that the professionalism that any health practitioner must demonstrate will take precedence over the inconvenience.

Likewise, a cleaning and ventilation protocol will be put in place to allow everyone to study in peace.

Regarding the courses, hybridization will be carried out according to the evolution of the health context and the instructions of the Authorities.

In view of the seriousness shown by most of the students in the year 2019-2020, we have no doubt that all will adopt the right reflexes and the right gestures.

These measures will be applied as long as necessary.

We are counting on you in the face of the spread of Covid 19, “together, we are united against the coronavirus”

Let’s stay mobilized and vigilant