A CEERRF student shares her experience on the 4L Trophy race.

Proud to count the CEERRF among our sponsors, we would like to thank you for your sponsorship. This generous participation will allow the association “Tontons WAIKIKI” to be part of the 4L Trophy 2018 adventure.

From February 14 to 25 of 2018, the 21st edition of the 4L TROPHY will take place, an adventure exclusively for students. It is an expedition aboard Renault 4L cars, where students embark on a journey of more than 6000 km across France, Spain and Morocco. Not just any kind of race: a humanitarian orientation race.

The goal is to travel the Moroccan desert with the least kilometers on the clock and of course without GPS. Here, the performance doesn’t count, but the resourcefulness. All this, in a joyful cocktail of mutual help and solidarity which is above all a call to the generosity of all. The 4L cars, known for their lightness and their facilities to pass everywhere just like small 4wd, will be loaded with school supplies, medical or sports equipment for the children of the desert. Seduced by the humanitarian side of this adventure, this raid allows us to help the most disadvantaged children in the country. More than 20,000 children should benefit from material assistance thanks to the “Trophys” of the 2018 edition.

As a reminder, the association is composed of Fanny HIPPEAU, student at the CEERRF training institute in masso-physiotherapy, president and pilot of crew 181 and Pierre DE MONTAUDOUIN co-pilot and treasurer of the same crew.

For 1 year, we mobilized many people and institutes, including the CEERRF, Fanny HIPPEAU’s school, to help us collect the funds and supplies, to join this crazy adventure and meet the children of the desert.

You can follow our progress in this humanitarian and sporting raid on the 4L Trophy website, using our crew number (181).

We will make you live this humanitarian and sporting raid on a regular basis, sharing our experiences in this Moroccan desert. We will share more in other publications during and after the race on the CEERRF website, and hope to see you soon.