30 years !

CEERRF has celebrated its 30th anniversary this year in Saint-Denis …

We end the year on a very positive note since 100% of the students presented in this new version of the Diploma have been received. Thus, the first promotion formed in 4 years has just taken off. We hope that, beyond their choices of modes and places of exercise, they will know how to be reflexive practitioners ready to question their knowledge and to gain more in accordance with science, and this, in the interest of the patient. We wish all these young graduates a successful career!

Among other positive events, our 3rd year students were able to carry out their health service actions with different populations and in particular in our geographical area particularly under-equipped with practitioners. These actions will continue thanks to the many partnerships developed, and for the benefit of the local population. We particularly thank David Chérubin for this successful work.

Anxious to constantly improve the system, we have redesigned thanks to Aurélie Morichon and Adrien Pallot the teaching system related to research which has been made more consistent over all 4 years of training. This work was supervised by Ms. Virginie Demulier, teacher and researcher. We thank them.

At the same time, we will continue our efforts towards internships in order to try to meet their expectations and we also thank them for their investment.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all of the trainers as well as my colleague Stéphane Evelinger for his efficiency and sense of initiative, as well as the entire administrative team for their investment and availability.

I wish our students a great success.

Happy New Year everyone