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COVID-19 health crisis: Our students are mobilizing

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The COVID-19 health crisis mobilizes professionals but also students. Several of our students, whatever their training year, have been, are or will be mobilized to strengthen the healthcare teams. Thus CEERRF as a whole, is mobilized on the one hand, to ensure pedagogical continuity and on the other hand, to participate in this collective effort.

Presentation of the skills of the masseur-physiotherapist to K2 students

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Presentation of the skills of the masseur-physiotherapist to K2 students

3 students took the initiative to propose a present their skills related to the portfolio.

They share their experience.

“This writing aims to […]

Traineeship in Israel

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2 Ceerrf students had the opportunity to attend a traineeship in Israel, et more precisely in Tel-Aviv. This experience abroad is an opportunity to discover new techniques, rehab philosophies, ... and this is a bath we encourage within our institute.

Prevention Day with the Saint-Denis Town Hall : “Health Service”

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Prevention day with the Town Hall of Saint-Denis. Our students had the opportunity to participate in the day organized by the Mayor of Saint-Denis for employees of the town. During this sunny day, festive and very well organized, our students have intervened in various fields of our profession.

Evidence Based Practice in rehabilitation

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Adrien Pallot is our Referent Work Methods and Research Methods in Biomedical Sciences. From his teaching experiences, he has just published a book on Evidence Based Practice in Rehabilitation.