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Epilogue of the 4L Trophy

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Epilogue of the 4L Trophy by Fanny. "At the end of the trip, we are full of unforgettable memories. To reach our Merzouga camp, down ocher dunes, we had to cross over 30km of tracks. For the first time, we use our compass : '"cap 130", "follow the far antenna", "exceed wadi cap 90 then follow PP at 110° during 6km" etc.

An experiment of socio-constructivism in Ceerrf

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As part of the preparation for a third-year test, second-year students (MK2) are responsible for facilitating technology review sessions for first-year students (MK1) in small groups.

Using Trade expertise to serve education: vestibular rehabilitation

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In our quality process we call upon physiotherapists with first class expertise and professional competence in their specialty. In neurology for example, it has been shown that vestibular rehabilitation can be effective in reducing symptoms related to many vestibular disorders.

Tutoring in CEERRF, exchange between students

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Tutoring is a recent approach in our school, since it was initiated less than a decade ago. This help is organized by students to allow students from same or lower […]