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Prevention Day with the Saint-Denis Town Hall : “Health Service”

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Prevention day with the Town Hall of Saint-Denis. Our students had the opportunity to participate in the day organized by the Mayor of Saint-Denis for employees of the town. During this sunny day, festive and very well organized, our students have intervened in various fields of our profession.

Evidence Based Practice in rehabilitation

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Adrien Pallot is our Referent Work Methods and Research Methods in Biomedical Sciences. From his teaching experiences, he has just published a book on Evidence Based Practice in Rehabilitation.

Using Trade expertise to serve education: vestibular rehabilitation

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In our quality process we call upon physiotherapists with first class expertise and professional competence in their specialty. In neurology for example, it has been shown that vestibular rehabilitation can be effective in reducing symptoms related to many vestibular disorders.

CEERRF attends the Bacchantes race

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CEERRF students confront their knowledge with the reality during sporting or charitable events. Thus, students participated to the "Bacchantes" race organized for the benefit of prostate cancer research. This race was supervised by a physiotherapist graduated in 2017.

Irénée prize: The CEERRF rewarded

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On December 4th, took place the Irénée awarding ceremony organized by URPS (Union Régionale des Professionnels de Santé) kiné Ile-de-France. Several CEERRF students have submitted their dissertation. […]

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