Management commitment

Certification iso9001-2015Since the creation of the CEERRF Institute, Quality has always been a constant concern of the Management in order to meet students’ expectations, and in doing so to ensure the development of our activity.

This constant concern helped instating CEERRF and attest its professionalism. During these years, the basic concepts of Quality were transmitted and maintained by CEERRF staff.

We have therefore decided to reinforce both structure and culture of CEERRF through an organization based on the ISO 9001 Quality Standard 2015 version. This step includes the effective implementation of the operational improvement at all levels by the permanent search for efficiency and effectiveness.

This decision is motivated essentially by :

  • The determination to continue what has always been undertaken, meaning to efficiently satisfy our students’ and teachers’ expectations.
  • The desire to share this culture of quality with all staff by formalizing and structuring it.

I therefore invite all team members to actively contribute by getting involved into this organizational system and to respect the rules that are implemented through this consultation.

I gave Mr Arnaud Cerioli, CEERRF Director, authority and freedom to make this organization work. He will report to me periodically on the evolution of our Quality system and its efficiency, particularly during management reviews.

Saint Denis, September 26th, 2016

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