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Presentation of the CEERRF institute

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Here is a quick introduction to our physiotherapy accredited training institute: explanations from the Director, teaching and management teams as well as scientific Council. At last, you can discover infrastructures and valuable information prior to your training in CEERRF premises, a renowned physiotherapy institute in France.

Message from the Director

Message from the Director

Presentation of the training center, core values of CEERRF institute, main objectives …
Message from the Director

Men and Women …

Our infrastructures

Our infrastructures

Take a tour of our buildings and infrastructures empowering young students to become skilled practitioners and certified physiotherapists.
Our infrastructures

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Since the creation of CEERRF institute, Quality has always been a constant concern of the Management in order to not only meet students’ expectations but also develop our activity

ISO Certification

Valuable information & FAQ

Few but valuable information prior to join or during your course in CEERRF,
as well as answers to most frequently asked questions …

Useful information