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Bacchantes 2018

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Leaving the walls of the institute and get involved in the City is one of the objectives of our institute. therefor our students participate very regularly in professional or sports demonstrations. Héloïse, a K2 student, shares her experience from Bacchantes 2018

Congress in Colombia

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David Cherubin, referent trainer at CEERRF, participated in a congress in Colombia and shares his experience. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Santander university, the city of Bucaramanga hosted an international physiotherapy symposium on the theme of pediatrics.

Conviviality at the CEERRF

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The CEERRF wants to be an institute turned towards the universitarization and the evidence-based practice without losing what makes its specificity namely the availability of the trainers and the administrative staff, without forgetting the conviviality.